No neighbourhood in Amsterdam is more 'Amsterdamish' than the Jordaan. Besides the legendary Johnny Jordaan Square, there's so much more that Amsterdam has to offer. In this blog post, I've listed some of Amsterdam's most popular sights, including the Red Light District, the Anne Frank House, the Vondelpark and the Johnny Jordaan Square. Curious? Then read on to find out more about some of Amsterdam's highlights!
Sights in Amsterdam
Our capital city, Amsterdam, is bursting with cultural, historical and tourist sights. I've listed a few of Amsterdam's sights for you below, but there's a lot more to see here. If you'd rather take a guided tour of some of Amsterdam's highlights, rather than do it on your own, I'd recommend taking a tour with a personal guide. My tip is to choose one of the tours in Amsterdam.
Red Light District in Amsterdam
The much-discussed Red Light District in Amsterdam, also known as 'the Red Light District' or 'the Red Light District', is perhaps one of the most mysterious places in Amsterdam. The Red Light District is spread over a number of streets in the oldest part of our capital, in the center.

The Anne Frank House has been open to visitors since 3 May 1960. Many have gone before you! The house is a monument to the memory of Anne Frank and her family and is one of Amsterdam's best-known attractions. This monument is accompanied by a poignant story. During World War II, the Jewish Anne Frank and her family were in hiding in the Secret Annex, the house now known as the Anne Frank House. You can see the kitchen, bedroom, other living areas and, of course, the world-famous bookcase that is the entrance to the Secret Annex. From the beginning of November to the end of March, the Anne Frank House is open from 09:00 to 19:00. From the first of April until the end of October, the opening hours are 09:00 to 21:00, and on Saturdays and in the summer months of July and August always until 22:00. You can avoid the queues (as much as possible) by buying tickets online in advance and visiting the Anne Frank House in the afternoon or evening.
Amsterdam Anne Frank House
The Vondelpark in Amsterdam is the largest park in Amsterdam and probably the most famous in all of the Netherlands. The park is loved by Amsterdam residents and tourists alike. The park has no less than 10 million visitors each year! In the Vondelpark you will find the most beautiful monuments and statues, including the statue of the Amsterdam City Virgin. This statue is the personification of Amsterdam. Furthermore, there are several trees here that are more than 100 years old and beautiful fruits bloom. In addition, various (sports) events are held in the Vondelpark and in the middle of the Vondelpark there is a large playground for children, which you can keep an eye on from a terrace.
Johnny Jordaan Square
The Johnny Jordaan Square is located at the front part of the street Elandsgracht, near the 9 streets, in the district of the Jordaan. It is a legendary place where you will find statues of Jordanian folk singers such as Tante Leen, Manke Nelis, Johnny Meijer and of course Johnny Jordaan. They have been immortalized here in bronze, in a style that fits the Jordaan perfectly: plain and unadorned. You will also find a painted house with texts such as 'The pearl of the Jordaan'.
Discovering Amsterdam by bike
Above I have described a number of popular Amsterdam sights that are definitely worth a visit, but there are of course many more. Would you like to discover all the highlights of Amsterdam in a short time, but still experience and see everything to the fullest? On a bicycle tour through Amsterdam, a Dutch guide will take you past the famous sights of Amsterdam, but also to lesser known but certainly not less beautiful places. An enthusiastic guide will tell you everything you want to know and in three hours you will be fully informed of all the beautiful things Amsterdam has to offer!


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