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No neighbourhood in Amsterdam is more 'Amsterdamish' than the Jordaan. Besides the legendary Johnny Jordaan Square, there's so much more that Amsterdam has to offer. In this blog post, I've listed some of Amsterdam's most popular sights, including the Red Light District, the Anne Frank House, the Vondelpark and the Johnny Jordaan Square. Curious? Then read on to find out more about some of Amsterdam's highlights! Sights in Amsterdam Our capital city, Amsterdam, is bursting with cultural, historical and tourist sights. I've listed a few of Amsterdam's sights for you below, but there's a lot more to see here. If you'd rather take a guided tour of some of Amsterdam's highlights, rather than do it on your own, I'd recommend taking a tour with a personal guide. My tip is to choose one of the tours in Amsterdam. Red Light District in Amsterdam The much-discussed Red Light District in Amsterdam, also known as 'the Red Light District'