Action on the Annaberg

We stand in the car park, squinting at the sun and the deep blue sky, with an excited mind and a large portion of anticipation. It is a little strange - suddenly walking past lush green meadows, past a - still - empty reservoir; anything but winter, which I associate with this place. Annaberg, where I learned to ski a few decades ago and where we whizzed down the slopes at least once a year.
That would be in store for us now, too, albeit in a slightly different way. And so we set off, marvelling at the modern Arial prepared for summer, while showing off our Niederösterreich-CARD and redeeming it for a ride on the Annaberg 4-seater chairlift.After we've hiked down the first little slope - where I've done many a race in the past - and the wildflowers beside us poking their heads in the wind, I notice how much is new here and am delighted to be here once again. Numerous hiking trails await, then a small bike facility as well, and finally we hear the zipline facility before we can really make it out visually. A few loud, whooping screams rise from behind the treetops and then four people whiz by in the distance. Adrenalin spreads through the body. Just the way I like it! Soon we'll be next!
The chairlift now takes us via the Anna-Alm up to the mountain plateau. It couldn't have been more idyllic. While cowbells jingle and foals gallop under our legs, a flock of birds glides overhead. Lungs soak up the fresh forest air as we ride up through the shady section. A shrill scream cuts through the silence and we have to laugh as the next batch whizzes past us. At the top, we marvel at the new hut from which the four tracks lead down into the valley and wander around a bit more. Salsa sounds mix with the chirping of birds and we notice a dance class at the hut, laughing people, a summer feeling in our hearts and a mischievous grin at the corners of our mouths. After a while, we make our way to the zipline, because now we should be the ones screaming ourselves half hoarse.Just under 400 metres in altitude and up to 120km/h downhillAfter we had to fill out a form and get the equipment for the ride, we are already on the platform. Here I would like to give a big shout out to the zipline employee - who had a super nice chat with us and even encouraged me to actually film the downhill ride! You can imagine how anxious I was clutching my phone screen.
Sitting down, we both swing back and forth and listen to the instructions while enjoying a phenomenal view of the Mostviertel mountains. And there we are supposed to rush downhill! Crazy, isn't it? You can see how the ride finally started, how loud our shouting was and how shaky the recording was because of the high speed in my Instagram stories. I have the trip under the highlight. If you want to take it all in and be completely surprised, you'd better book a slot for this autumn soon and experience the trip for yourself and fantasy!
ConclusionIf you like hiking, you are in good hands at Annaberg, with an all-round view of the Mostviertel mountains - even with a view as far as the Schneeberg - and the Ötscher anyway - you are well catered for in terms of views. I especially like it when a lift always takes away a few metres of altitude and you still have the energy to do your rounds on the plateau. For smaller children, dogs and generally people who are not so keen on adrenaline and speed, there are options to walk back down to the valley or to take the lift down. Just have a look, maybe you will jump over your own shadow and try something new!


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