Saturday, July 8, 2017

Post #30 - Updates

This post isn't going to cover any trades, like the last few have.  Instead, I'm going to focus on getting down on paper (even if it is virtual paper) where I stand with some of my goals and collections as of this moment.  I hit a serious spurt last night (more on that in a second) and it gave me the idea for this post.

I was flipping through a box last night that I hadn't found in quite a while. I almost immediately hit a spot that left me with 1994 Upper Deck Fun Pack cards coming out of both ears.  When the dust had finally settled, I found myself just 16 base cards short of the complete base set, as well as missing all 30 scratch off inserts.  My wantlist has been updated accordingly; the only two non-subset base cards left are #162 (Sosa) and #170 (Jordan).

1994 Upper Deck Fun Pack: 221/240 (92.1%)

Inserts: 0/30 (0.0%)

We are now over the halfway point in the year. Back on January 1, there was a thread on the TCDB that asked about collecting goals for 2017. Along with getting my collection more organized (which has kind of happened...okay, maybe not really) I said that I wanted to complete my Jeff Peterek and Ralf Mojsiejenko PC's.  Here's where I stand on those.

Jeff Peterek: 11/16 (68.8%)

Ralf Mojsiejenko: 8/23 (34.8%)

Not too bad.  Obviously I'm a little behind on the Mojsiejenko, but I'm certain that I have a handful of cards of his put away in a box somewhere that I need to dig out; that will most likely be my project for the rest of the week.

All in all, I think I'm on a decent track for the PCs; there is one Peterek card that will most likely elude me for sometime (1988 El Paso Diablos Best Platinum), and another that I need to pull a trigger on eBay for. Mojsiejenko should be done by 1/1/18 (fingers crossed!).

So ends my "mid-year" update; any help with these PCs and the 94 Fun Pack set would be appreciated; all of my want lists are up to date if posted.  Thanks for dealing with a post that has no pictures. I don't really know of any appropriate ones for this topic, so here's one to throw in to thank you for reading this far:

A picture of three of my buddies and I after the Illinois @ Iowa game in 2015. This is one of my favorite pictures of all of us and I never miss an opportunity to show it off.  Thanks for putting up with me, and I hope everyone has a great rest of their Saturday! Thanks for reading!


P.S. - 30 posts doesn't seem like much, but that's not too bad. With that being said, consider this your first warning. I'm hoping to do a small giveaway when I get to 50, so be prepared!

Friday, July 7, 2017

Post #29 - More Trading from the Database

I feel like I'm falling behind on my trade posts, which makes me very uncomfortable.  While it's been a busy summer thus far (I returned from Ohio Monday afternoon before celebrating the Fourth with family on Tuesday and playing on the road Wednesday and Thursday) I have plenty of people that I owe credit to for helping me continue to expand my collection.  The two transactions today came via the Trading Card Database; one from a new trading partner and one from an old one.

First up, cjpaiken got ahold of me while I was in school about buying a couple more cards from him (I picked up a 1992 Topps Shawn Green in February). I told him to give me some time until I got home and back to work over the summer and I had the spending money for luxuries such as baseball cards.  We finally completed the deal and the cards arrived in short order.

This 1992 Classic Draft Picks Jeter card shows him in his Kalamazoo Central (Michigan) high school uniform, which makes it unique enough.  Throw in the fact that he's 18 years old, and I was thrilled to add this one to my modest Jeter collection.

The other card I picked up from Jim is this Shawn Green "Dress Code" relic from 2003 Donruss Classics.  This marks my second Green relic. Anytime I can get some sort of "hit" card for my PCs it's a good feeling, and this card is no exception. Thanks for a quick and painless transaction Jim; we will have to do it again soon!

The other transaction that was recently completed (at least, almost - Edward, your cards should be arriving soon) with Detfan6897 allowed me to get rid of some trade stock instead of cash. I tossed Edward some Tigers and what I believe to be set fillers or PC cards in exchange for the following:

The Mantei Topps Total is a welcome addition, as is the Green (which is actually a team checklist card). The Posey flagship is a new addition too, although I already have the Opening Day version.  Finally, the 2017 Heritage batting leaders allows me to add a Votto card to his PC; I've got another one on the way for my Reds collection too.

I'll try and get another trade post up this weekend; if I still owe you one, I'm sorry, but I promise it's coming! Have a great evening, and as always, thanks for reading!


Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Post #28 - A Trade With All Cardinals All The Time

Normally, I don't like dealing with Cardinals fans.  They beat up on my Reds too much (of course, seems like everyone in the National League does). But in the last year or so, my opinion has softened.  I've been exposed to many Cardinal fans down in Missouri, and I've gotta say that they're some of the most knowledgeable and aware baseball fans around.  And boy, do they love their Yadier Molina!

I reached out to Ray from All Cardinals All The Time a week or two back about a swap.  He agreed and I began the process of checking any and all Cardinals cards that I came across against Ray's wantlists.  Let me tell you something else about Cardinals fans - at least this one: Ray had his collection pretty well off before I started chipping off some parallels and inserts that he didn't have. They take their baseball serious.

Ray's return package arrived two days ago, and the contents were fantastic.

Some sweet Reds cards that will be great additions once I get my stuff together and get that part of my collection organized.  The Encore Sean Casey is awesome, as is the Wal-Mart blue bordered Brayan Pena - I never got any flagship from that year from Wal-Mart, thus I don't have any blue borders.  The Neagle and Cameron are from a set that I've never heard of before - Fleer Brilliants. They're certainly bright; you can see my reflection taking the picture when you see the full size version.

One hope of mine - the Rosie Red Topps card up there.  I'm not sure what set that's from (I haven't looked yet) but I really hope that they included Mr. Red Leg in the same set.  He's the mascot, not Rosie.  I like mascot cards, but you need to use the real one.  Show of hands, who all knew that the Reds had two mascots?

Six new Shawn Green cards (which reminds me that I really need to get my collections up to date on this blog).  The Bowman's Best is a subset "Best Performers".

Finally, this Jack Clark marks the first card I've received in a trade that knocks off a set need! This is from the All-Star insert set of 1988 Fleer, which I'm trying to complete (also need to get that wantlist up...ay yi yi).

Thanks for the great trade Ray! I hope you have a wonderful vacation and I look forward to doing another deal with you soon! For the rest of you, enjoy the remainder of your evening, and as always, thanks for reading!


Monday, June 26, 2017

Post #27 - A Quick Deal at the TCDB

Part of the reason that I rely on the Trading Card Database so heavily is because it's just a great collecting community filled with very helpful members who are all very knowledgeable.  If you have a question, just ask on the forums and you'll usually get an answer very quickly.  Because of this, I usually read every thread on the boards.  Sometimes the title peaks my curiosity, but mostly it's because there's always a small shred of hope that I can provide some help to another member, just as others have provided massive amounts of help to me.

So, last week, when I saw that member purtz5979 had a new thread up, I clicked it to see what he needed help with.  I remember the title was something regarding moving his cards from one list to another.  I was sad to see that he had become frustrated with some of the site members for various reasons and had decided to stop selling on the site.  I had always matched up wantlists with him, but he never had anything that matched up to my tradelist.  Now it became clear why; he was only selling and not interested in acquiring any new cards.

On a whim, I reached out to him to ask if he would be willing to part with one, last small order.  He readily agreed, and I picked out the following six cards that he sent my way for what I felt was a fair price.

First, a 2017 Topps Fielding Award Buster Posey card.  One that I'll probably pull next time I open a pack of 2017 Topps, but hey, it was an easy add to the growing Posey PC.

So was this card: 2012 Topps "1987 Minis".  I was a little surprised when I realized I didn't have this one; I mean, I had like three other Posey retro minis and this design is so overused...but now I have it.  Sidenote. Take no offense Giants fans, but why is Posey always gazing out towards the left field wall so much, almost as if he wishes he could have that pitch back...?

I was also able to pick up some early Shawn Green cards that I needed, like this 1994 Fleer Update...

This 1994 Upper Deck Collector's Choice "Silver Signature" variation...

And these two 1994 Upper Deck cards.  More common cards, but ones that are desperately needed for the PC.

Paul, thanks for a quick and easy transaction.  I sincerely hope to do another one in the future, but I understand your decision.  As great as every community is, things happen that can take a toll on each of us.

Everyone have a great rest of your Monday. Our legion team is struggling right now, but back in action in South Bend, Indiana tomorrow night at 6:00.  As such, I'll be MIA most of tomorrow, but have another great trade post planned for Wednesday evening.  Thanks for reading!


Friday, June 23, 2017

Post #26 - A Small COMC Purchase

A week or so back, I was feeling antsy and did a tiny bit of online shopping.  A small COMC order that totaled 5 cards and didn't hit my wallet for more than $10; I'll take that! So let's take a look at what I picked up.

If you've been following my blog from the get-go, these two cards may seem like odd pickups.  In fact, I did a bonehead thing and ordered the wrong minor league card; I already have the one on the right.  I think I've got a TCDB trade worked out for it, so no damage done.  That being said, the 1990 Fleer on the left seems like a typical, common card, until...

It's the Canadian version! This is a card that I initially was going to try and trade for, but the only copies that I saw were from collectors in Canada, and I'm not sure how to do international shipping. So, I was pretty sure I'd have to buy this one off the internet, so finding it cheap wasn't bad at all.  I'm still hoping to reach my January 1 goal of finishing my Peterek PC by December 31, 2017.

Total Peterek Card Count: 11/16 (69.75%)

Working on another PC, I picked up this gold Matt Mantei refractor

The lighting with my camera was weird, but you can certainly tell it is shiny! Another card for exactly $1.00 makes me happy, and it's one that when I first started setting Mantei cards away for my collection that I never would have thought I would pick up someday.  The same goes for these final two...

Mantei's 1996 Leaf Signature Series AU cards! With a print run of just 5000 (wow, "just" 5000...) and it being his only certified signature, I wasn't sure how easy these would be to come by.  Because it's his only certified autograph card and I don't have any of his extra cards lying around for a TTM request, I needed two of these; one for the PC and one for the Green Binder of Autographs.  And I got them both!

My soft goal is to complete most of the Mantei PC by the end of 2018 (it'll be tough with some 1/1 printing plates from 2004 Topps Total), but that becomes the next project after Peterek and Mojsiejenko!

Total Mantei Card Count: 15/148 (10.1%)

I'll have some more trade posts coming up hopefully this weekend.  Everyone enjoy your weekend and thanks for reading!


Monday, June 19, 2017

Post #25 - Trade with The Angels, In Order

A week or two ago, Tom from The Angels, In Order posted about a mascot card he had discovered from 2006 Upper Deck and put out a call asking if anyone had the other two from the mini-set.  I did and immediately left him a comment. Over the next couple days I was able to throw the two mascot cards and a handful of Patriots cards from Tom's wantlist into a bubble mailer.  His return package was extremely generous and something that I'm going to showcase today.

First up are numerous Reds cards that are new to me and will certainly help when I get my stuff together and start documenting/placing my Reds collection into binders.  I think at the point I'm at right now, I'm best off throwing all of them into a box until I can get ahold of some binders and pages, but I digress.

The 1995 e-Motions are sweet and my first of the kind. All of these cards are new to me, including those 1994 Score cards and the early 2000s Donruss.  Tom also sent a good portion of the 1993 Fleer team set.  There are some oddballs and cards that I'm completely unfamiliar with as well.  The Toys-R-Us cards are pretty cool, as is the Eric Davis Starline.  The stamps, however, aren't just cool and unfamiliar, but they are completely foreign to me.  I don't even know where to start researching them, but I'm hoping I can get more somewhere!

Tom also threw in some minor league team sets for that portion of my collection.  This first one is the 2009 DAV set for the Grand Prairie AirHogs (now the Texas AirHogs), an independent league team from Texas. Highlights of this set include the manager:

And how can you not love a mascot named Fighter Pilot Ace Bacon?

Next was a 2008 Kansas City T-Bones team set, an independent league team from, you guessed it, Kansas City.  This particular set celebrated the team winning the 2008 league championship. Highlights:

Ken Harvey saw a little bit of time with the Royals before heading down to independent ball.

And of course the T-Bones wouldn't be complete without a bull mascot named "Sizzle"

Finally, a new Reds set as well that leaves me in a bit of a conundrum.

This 2011 Thompson Plumbing/Heating team set is the first I've seen and is a great addition to the Reds collection. But here's my problem...

Mr. 2010 MVP himself gets a silver shiny card (the Gold Glove winners got gold shine) commemorating his season.  I can't bear to break the set up, sooo...anyone got an extra JV 2011 Thompson card lying around?

Tom, thanks so much for a great trade. I'm already setting cards aside for you for next time! Thanks for reading, and everyone have a great night!


Saturday, June 10, 2017

Post #24 - Trade with Baseball Card Breakdown

A week or so ago, I shipped off a bubble mailer to Gavin over at Baseball Card Breakdown to add to some of his PC's. Yesterday, I picked up his return PWE and the goodness inside of it.  However, before we launch into that, I would like to publicly congratulate Gavin on his 1000th post! That's a great milestone, and even though he's well on his way towards 2000 already, I would like to congratulate him anyway!

Okay, on to the envelope contents

The only two non-Reds cards were these two Mantles, which is great; I don't remember the last time I added to my Mantle PC.  Not sure exactly what the card on the right is, but the one on the left is card #7 in the 2012 Topps base flagship set.

A 2013 flagship Mat Latos is going to help me one of two ways; either when I start my 2013 set build (someday...) or when I start my Reds flagship build (someday...).

Six Joey Votto cards for the PC.  I actually really like all six of these.  The two Ticket to Stardom cards up are really cool, and I love the Archives design, mainly because I haven't gotten my hands on many of them.  I like the Superstar Celebrations card on the bottom too!

Finally, my favorite card of the bunch:

A Kyle Waldrop autograph from last years Stadium Club! Any time I can get a new autograph for the Green Binder is a good day, and when it's a Red that's even better! Granted he's in the Mariners organization now, but that doesn't matter to me!

And when turned over we see that it's number 7/50, which is pretty cool as well!

Thanks for an awesome trade package Gavin; I've already stumbled across some more Floyd's that need to head your way soon! Thanks for reading everyone, and have a great weekend!