Monday, July 31, 2017

Post #32 - Treating Myself in the Show Me State

Friday night after work, I finished packing up my car and headed down to Missouri for the school year and probably for a long time after that too. Saturday evening, after spending a full day in St. Louis, I drove to the local Casey's General Store down the road to pick up some beer and brats.

One reason that I absolutely love Casey's is the fact that I can always count on them to have packs of cards hanging out.  I usually grab one or two each time I go in there, but this night was a little different.  Instead of just grabbing a pack of Flagship, I was searching for some Heritage.  I've never intentionally bought any year of Heritage (just accidentally ended up with some in a few repacks) but I was looking for them this time.

I found Heritage.  And flagship.  And some other stuff. And my brats and beer, if anyone was wondering.  I bit the bullet and grabbed a pack of Flagship, a hangar pack of Heritage, and a repack box that I'll post about tomorrow.  Today I'll show off the two packs.

First up is the flagship.  My hopes weren't extremely high for this, and I have plenty.  But like anyone else, that "what-if, maybe" factor drove me to grab this out of the gravity feeder and take it up to the counter with me.

Jorge Soler insert...Tyler Austin rookie...Nomar Mazara and Corey Seager Topps trophy cards...newest Red Scott Van Slyke...ho hum.  Nothing spectacular by any stretch. I think we've all beat the discussion of the 2017 design to death by now, so I really have nothing else to say.

Now as for the Heritage...I don't know what the price tag was on this, nor do I care.  I loved the texture and the look of these cards.

Not a bad pack, really.  Phillips would go well in my Reds collection, but more about that below.  Two Ben Zobrist cards has beat that part to death too.  The Freeman card is a high numbered SP. 

All in all, not a bad two packs, although they are still cards that I probably don't need. That being said, I'm posting a list of these here. If anyone is interested in any of these cards, let me know and I'll throw them in a PWE for you.  I will update that Tradebait list as I go along and re-post it every now and again.  

I'll be back tomorrow with another post showcasing the other half of my purchase, and I'm really excited for those.  Thanks for reading, and have a great rest of your Monday!


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