Saturday, July 8, 2017

Post #30 - Updates

This post isn't going to cover any trades, like the last few have.  Instead, I'm going to focus on getting down on paper (even if it is virtual paper) where I stand with some of my goals and collections as of this moment.  I hit a serious spurt last night (more on that in a second) and it gave me the idea for this post.

I was flipping through a box last night that I hadn't found in quite a while. I almost immediately hit a spot that left me with 1994 Upper Deck Fun Pack cards coming out of both ears.  When the dust had finally settled, I found myself just 16 base cards short of the complete base set, as well as missing all 30 scratch off inserts.  My wantlist has been updated accordingly; the only two non-subset base cards left are #162 (Sosa) and #170 (Jordan).

1994 Upper Deck Fun Pack: 221/240 (92.1%)

Inserts: 0/30 (0.0%)

We are now over the halfway point in the year. Back on January 1, there was a thread on the TCDB that asked about collecting goals for 2017. Along with getting my collection more organized (which has kind of happened...okay, maybe not really) I said that I wanted to complete my Jeff Peterek and Ralf Mojsiejenko PC's.  Here's where I stand on those.

Jeff Peterek: 11/16 (68.8%)

Ralf Mojsiejenko: 8/23 (34.8%)

Not too bad.  Obviously I'm a little behind on the Mojsiejenko, but I'm certain that I have a handful of cards of his put away in a box somewhere that I need to dig out; that will most likely be my project for the rest of the week.

All in all, I think I'm on a decent track for the PCs; there is one Peterek card that will most likely elude me for sometime (1988 El Paso Diablos Best Platinum), and another that I need to pull a trigger on eBay for. Mojsiejenko should be done by 1/1/18 (fingers crossed!).

So ends my "mid-year" update; any help with these PCs and the 94 Fun Pack set would be appreciated; all of my want lists are up to date if posted.  Thanks for dealing with a post that has no pictures. I don't really know of any appropriate ones for this topic, so here's one to throw in to thank you for reading this far:

A picture of three of my buddies and I after the Illinois @ Iowa game in 2015. This is one of my favorite pictures of all of us and I never miss an opportunity to show it off.  Thanks for putting up with me, and I hope everyone has a great rest of their Saturday! Thanks for reading!


P.S. - 30 posts doesn't seem like much, but that's not too bad. With that being said, consider this your first warning. I'm hoping to do a small giveaway when I get to 50, so be prepared!

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