Monday, June 26, 2017

Post #27 - A Quick Deal at the TCDB

Part of the reason that I rely on the Trading Card Database so heavily is because it's just a great collecting community filled with very helpful members who are all very knowledgeable.  If you have a question, just ask on the forums and you'll usually get an answer very quickly.  Because of this, I usually read every thread on the boards.  Sometimes the title peaks my curiosity, but mostly it's because there's always a small shred of hope that I can provide some help to another member, just as others have provided massive amounts of help to me.

So, last week, when I saw that member purtz5979 had a new thread up, I clicked it to see what he needed help with.  I remember the title was something regarding moving his cards from one list to another.  I was sad to see that he had become frustrated with some of the site members for various reasons and had decided to stop selling on the site.  I had always matched up wantlists with him, but he never had anything that matched up to my tradelist.  Now it became clear why; he was only selling and not interested in acquiring any new cards.

On a whim, I reached out to him to ask if he would be willing to part with one, last small order.  He readily agreed, and I picked out the following six cards that he sent my way for what I felt was a fair price.

First, a 2017 Topps Fielding Award Buster Posey card.  One that I'll probably pull next time I open a pack of 2017 Topps, but hey, it was an easy add to the growing Posey PC.

So was this card: 2012 Topps "1987 Minis".  I was a little surprised when I realized I didn't have this one; I mean, I had like three other Posey retro minis and this design is so overused...but now I have it.  Sidenote. Take no offense Giants fans, but why is Posey always gazing out towards the left field wall so much, almost as if he wishes he could have that pitch back...?

I was also able to pick up some early Shawn Green cards that I needed, like this 1994 Fleer Update...

This 1994 Upper Deck Collector's Choice "Silver Signature" variation...

And these two 1994 Upper Deck cards.  More common cards, but ones that are desperately needed for the PC.

Paul, thanks for a quick and easy transaction.  I sincerely hope to do another one in the future, but I understand your decision.  As great as every community is, things happen that can take a toll on each of us.

Everyone have a great rest of your Monday. Our legion team is struggling right now, but back in action in South Bend, Indiana tomorrow night at 6:00.  As such, I'll be MIA most of tomorrow, but have another great trade post planned for Wednesday evening.  Thanks for reading!


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