Here are links to Google Spreadsheets detailing checklists and wantlists of my collection.  I will stay pretty on top of these, both player collections and set collections, as far as cards that I have.  If, say, a new Buster Posey card comes out in a 2017 set, I will only add it to the list once I receive it. Hopefully I can stay on top of these new releases a little bit, however, and keep it fully accurate. Some of the larger player collections (Posey, Mantle, Jeter, Green, etc) are organized by years on different sheets, so if you don't immediately see the 1997 Shawn Green card you want to trade me, make sure you're on the 1997 sheet.


Jeff Peterek

Matt Mantei

Buster Posey


Ralf Mojsiejenko

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