Also In Search Of...

This page will provide links to Google Sheets that document other aspects of my collection.


I'm always searching for autographed cards of players that I don't have.  This spreadsheet lists the entirety of my TTM/IP/certified auto collection.  I will accept trades for autos from any player not on that sheet; mainly only looking for the Big Four sports (baseball, football, basketball, hockey), but would not be opposed to golf, boxing, soccer, etc.  However, note that I am only trading for cards, not photos, balls, pucks, bats, helmets, etc.  In my personal collection I only prefer cards for storage purposes.

Minor League Team Sets

I will trade for team-issued minor league team sets from any year of any team.  By team-issued, I mean any team set that is produced by the team and sold in the team store, with or without a sponsor. I'm not interested in a hand collated 1988 Star team set of the Albuquerque Dukes or all of the Hagerstown Suns cards from 1994 Classic.  This spreadsheet (coming soon!) documents the minor league team sets that I already have at this point.  League sets, all-star sets, etc. are also part of this collection.

Reds Team Sets

I'm going to try and build the Reds team set from all major releases.  To start with, I will be building the team set from each flagship released of Topps, Fleer, Donruss, and Upper Deck from 1980 until now (yes, I realize Donruss and Fleer started in 81 and Upper Deck in 89, and all three are out of business now).  If I can achieve this goal, I'll start working on Stadium Clubs, Ultras, etc., and maybe older Topps.  This spreadsheet (coming soon!) breaks down the team checklists that I'm looking for for each year by product.

Donation Items

As I've mentioned before on this blog, I am an assistant coach for my American Legion baseball team back home.  Our big selling point to kids is that our program doesn't cost the players any money. However, this means we must fund raise extensively.  One of our fundraisers is a poker game/sports memorabilia auction every spring.  If you have items that you would like to donate to our auction listings, please let me know.  We accrue these items year-round and put them on the auction tables each March.  I would even be willing to pay a minimal price out of my own pocket if the situation dictates it.  With our market, Detroit and Chicago (and occasionally Indianapolis) sports items sell well usually, as do big name players (Yogi Berra and Roberto Clemente always seem to catch people's eye).  Each donor will receive a thank you letter and a team photo at the conclusion of the season.


  1. I can help you a lot with Reds from the 80's. Where are your biggest needs? (Years/brands)

    1. Honestly anytging pre-1987 is very sparse in my collection in general, let alone Reds, so those would be my biggest needs there.

  2. Could you send your mailing address to ericandgretchen at yahoo dot com? I'll do a little digging this weekend.