Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Post #28 - A Trade With All Cardinals All The Time

Normally, I don't like dealing with Cardinals fans.  They beat up on my Reds too much (of course, seems like everyone in the National League does). But in the last year or so, my opinion has softened.  I've been exposed to many Cardinal fans down in Missouri, and I've gotta say that they're some of the most knowledgeable and aware baseball fans around.  And boy, do they love their Yadier Molina!

I reached out to Ray from All Cardinals All The Time a week or two back about a swap.  He agreed and I began the process of checking any and all Cardinals cards that I came across against Ray's wantlists.  Let me tell you something else about Cardinals fans - at least this one: Ray had his collection pretty well off before I started chipping off some parallels and inserts that he didn't have. They take their baseball serious.

Ray's return package arrived two days ago, and the contents were fantastic.

Some sweet Reds cards that will be great additions once I get my stuff together and get that part of my collection organized.  The Encore Sean Casey is awesome, as is the Wal-Mart blue bordered Brayan Pena - I never got any flagship from that year from Wal-Mart, thus I don't have any blue borders.  The Neagle and Cameron are from a set that I've never heard of before - Fleer Brilliants. They're certainly bright; you can see my reflection taking the picture when you see the full size version.

One hope of mine - the Rosie Red Topps card up there.  I'm not sure what set that's from (I haven't looked yet) but I really hope that they included Mr. Red Leg in the same set.  He's the mascot, not Rosie.  I like mascot cards, but you need to use the real one.  Show of hands, who all knew that the Reds had two mascots?

Six new Shawn Green cards (which reminds me that I really need to get my collections up to date on this blog).  The Bowman's Best is a subset "Best Performers".

Finally, this Jack Clark marks the first card I've received in a trade that knocks off a set need! This is from the All-Star insert set of 1988 Fleer, which I'm trying to complete (also need to get that wantlist up...ay yi yi).

Thanks for the great trade Ray! I hope you have a wonderful vacation and I look forward to doing another deal with you soon! For the rest of you, enjoy the remainder of your evening, and as always, thanks for reading!


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  1. The Rosie card was a give away from the Topps booth at the All Star Fan Fest in Cincy back in 2015. If I recall there were a couple of other mascot cards.