Friday, June 23, 2017

Post #26 - A Small COMC Purchase

A week or so back, I was feeling antsy and did a tiny bit of online shopping.  A small COMC order that totaled 5 cards and didn't hit my wallet for more than $10; I'll take that! So let's take a look at what I picked up.

If you've been following my blog from the get-go, these two cards may seem like odd pickups.  In fact, I did a bonehead thing and ordered the wrong minor league card; I already have the one on the right.  I think I've got a TCDB trade worked out for it, so no damage done.  That being said, the 1990 Fleer on the left seems like a typical, common card, until...

It's the Canadian version! This is a card that I initially was going to try and trade for, but the only copies that I saw were from collectors in Canada, and I'm not sure how to do international shipping. So, I was pretty sure I'd have to buy this one off the internet, so finding it cheap wasn't bad at all.  I'm still hoping to reach my January 1 goal of finishing my Peterek PC by December 31, 2017.

Total Peterek Card Count: 11/16 (69.75%)

Working on another PC, I picked up this gold Matt Mantei refractor

The lighting with my camera was weird, but you can certainly tell it is shiny! Another card for exactly $1.00 makes me happy, and it's one that when I first started setting Mantei cards away for my collection that I never would have thought I would pick up someday.  The same goes for these final two...

Mantei's 1996 Leaf Signature Series AU cards! With a print run of just 5000 (wow, "just" 5000...) and it being his only certified signature, I wasn't sure how easy these would be to come by.  Because it's his only certified autograph card and I don't have any of his extra cards lying around for a TTM request, I needed two of these; one for the PC and one for the Green Binder of Autographs.  And I got them both!

My soft goal is to complete most of the Mantei PC by the end of 2018 (it'll be tough with some 1/1 printing plates from 2004 Topps Total), but that becomes the next project after Peterek and Mojsiejenko!

Total Mantei Card Count: 15/148 (10.1%)

I'll have some more trade posts coming up hopefully this weekend.  Everyone enjoy your weekend and thanks for reading!


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