Saturday, June 10, 2017

Post #24 - Trade with Baseball Card Breakdown

A week or so ago, I shipped off a bubble mailer to Gavin over at Baseball Card Breakdown to add to some of his PC's. Yesterday, I picked up his return PWE and the goodness inside of it.  However, before we launch into that, I would like to publicly congratulate Gavin on his 1000th post! That's a great milestone, and even though he's well on his way towards 2000 already, I would like to congratulate him anyway!

Okay, on to the envelope contents

The only two non-Reds cards were these two Mantles, which is great; I don't remember the last time I added to my Mantle PC.  Not sure exactly what the card on the right is, but the one on the left is card #7 in the 2012 Topps base flagship set.

A 2013 flagship Mat Latos is going to help me one of two ways; either when I start my 2013 set build (someday...) or when I start my Reds flagship build (someday...).

Six Joey Votto cards for the PC.  I actually really like all six of these.  The two Ticket to Stardom cards up are really cool, and I love the Archives design, mainly because I haven't gotten my hands on many of them.  I like the Superstar Celebrations card on the bottom too!

Finally, my favorite card of the bunch:

A Kyle Waldrop autograph from last years Stadium Club! Any time I can get a new autograph for the Green Binder is a good day, and when it's a Red that's even better! Granted he's in the Mariners organization now, but that doesn't matter to me!

And when turned over we see that it's number 7/50, which is pretty cool as well!

Thanks for an awesome trade package Gavin; I've already stumbled across some more Floyd's that need to head your way soon! Thanks for reading everyone, and have a great weekend!


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