Monday, April 10, 2017

Post #14 - 30 Day Baseball Card Challenge: Day 5 + Busch Stadium

Okay, going to start with some personal stuff today before we get into baseball cards.  Yesterday, I made the two hour trek south from Hannibal to Busch Stadium for the Reds-Cardinals game, along with my lovely girlfriend, as well as one of my teammates and his girlfriend.  We made it roughly 1/2 hour before the gates opened, and it was already packed for the Stephen Piscotty jersey giveaway.  Even though I'm a Reds fan, I grabbed one when we got in.  It's headed to California later this week, to a good friend of mine.  More on him later.  We went over to our seats in the left field bleachers, two rows above the Reds bullpen, and saw the tail end of Reds BP.

I unfortunately didn't get as many pictures as I wanted, but after the Reds hit in the top of the first, we went over to the Family Pavilion.  My friend mentioned above works in Community Relations for the Oakland A's, and put me in contact with his friend who works for the Cardinals.  He was in the Fredbird mascot costume, and although he didn't approve of my Reds gear, he snapped a quick picture with us.

Unfortunately we didn't get the chance to chat much, but he told us to head over to the MLB Authentics shop anytime after the fourth inning and find his girlfriend, as she had something for us.  We returned to our seats and I enjoyed the barrage of runs the Reds piled on, including a second inning Adam Duvall homer that landed in the bullpen just in front of us.  In the middle of the sixth, we made our way to the Authentics shop and met up with our contact.  After chatting for a bit, she gifted me with this baseball to commemorate my first trip to Busch Stadium.

This ball was fired into the dirt by Carlos Martinez during Joey Votto's first inning at-bat.  The shop authenticated it, and it now sits proudly in my collection.  Seeing Votto go deep in the latter stages of the game was pretty awesome too, by the way.  The Reds lead 5-1 in Pittsburgh tonight at the moment, and hopefully that good luck will continue.  To those who made my first trip to Busch Stadium a wonderful experience, thank you so much (and that includes the Reds players, by the way).  We are already planning a return trip at the end of the month when Cincinnati is back in town.

Now, on to baseball card stuff.  Today's topic in the 30 Day Baseball Card Challenge is a certified autographed card of your favorite player.  Guess what I actually don't have? Yup, a certified autographed card from anyone in my player collections.  I snagged Joey Votto TTM a couple years back, Tom Brady TTM just after his first Super Bowl victory, and both Jeff Peterek and Ralf Mojsiejenko have in-person signed cards in my collection.  So, I'm going to post a picture of a card that is on my wantlist twice - once for my PC and once for my autograph binder.

1996 Leaf Signature Series - Extended Autographs NNO
Mantei's only certified autograph card out there, with a print run of 5000.  If anyone has one (or two!) of these laying around, hit me up and I'm sure we can work something out.  It would be really easy to buy them online, but I'd rather trade with those of you out there in the online community.

Thanks as always for taking the time to read the ramblings of a bored, procrastinating college student.  We hit the road tomorrow to go to Missouri Valley College for a 1:00 double header, so hopefully I can get back on the blog on Wednesday with another challenge post.  Everyone have a wonderful rest of your evening!


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  1. The game-used baseball is a really cool souvenir!