Saturday, April 8, 2017

Post #13 - 30 Day Baseball Card Challenge: Day 4

Well I'm a little behind on this challenge (again) but it's been a long week, so I give myself a little grace period.  I'm going to post two cards for this topic today, although I don't have either one of them in my hand.  The fourth day of the challenge called for a rookie card of one of your favorite players.  I already used Shawn Green on Day 2, so I'll be switching gears today and going with Buster Posey.

2010 Upper Deck #28
I borrowed this scan from the TCDB, although I do have two of these cards in my collection.  Posey's 2010 Upper Deck card is one of his more affordable rookie cards, depending on where you look, but I pulled both of mine from Wal-Mart repacks a few years back.

2010 Bowman Sterling #23
As you can see, I borrowed this image from COMC.  This Bowman Sterling is a gorgeous card, and one that I don't yet have in my collection.  While searching for this image on COMC, it struck me how many of Posey's 2010 cards were listed as graded; 14 of 25, and that's just 2010.  Is this becoming a new thing in the hobby again? My dad always told me that back when grading first became a thing, it was the thing to do.  Then it seemed to die off for a while.  Is it back again? I'd welcome any insight into that.

That'll wrap it up for me tonight.  I'm making the two hour drive to Busch Stadium tomorrow afternoon to see my beloved Reds try and take the series from the Cardinals, so Monday's blog post may contain quite a few pictures from the game.  Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful evening!


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