Monday, April 3, 2017

Post #11 - 30 Day Baseball Card Challenge: Day 3

Alright, back today with a third installment of the 30 day baseball card challenge.  Seeing as it's the third of April, maybe I can get one every day for the rest of the month and make it perfect.  Or maybe (probably) not.  Anyway, today's challenge is a card from the first set you tried to build.

1987 Topps #170
Okay, so I cheated a bit.  I don't have this card, or any 1987 Topps, with me at school for the time being.  So I did a Google Image search for 1987 Topps baseball, and Bo Jackson was the first card to come up (Bonds and McGwire were next, in case you were wondering).  This Jackson is a card that I don't think I ever did get in my quest to complete this set.  I had the Bonds, the McGwire, the Clemens, and many of the other big names.  I probably finished about 3/4 of the set before the 10 year old in me moved on to other collecting interests.

Like many, I still hold a soft spot for this set in my heart.  Although Topps redoing the design almost every year (or so it seems) can get a little overbearing, the wood-grain borders and the circular logo area, plus the name box at the bottom will always remind me of growing up and searching desperately through box upon box for any 1987 Topps that I might need.  I wonder how many other bloggers put this set as the first one they tried to complete?

For the record, the first set that I ever did fully complete was 1990 Topps football, and that was for no other reason than the fact that I had most of the cards, and my dad had the rest.  I didn't buy a single one.

That's all I've got today; I'll see about getting another 30 day challenge post up tomorrow.  If you didn't blog about it (or even if you did; I could have missed it), tell me in the comments what the first set that you tried to build was.  Did you succeed? Do you still have the complete set somewhere?

Thanks for reading, and have a blessed Opening Day! Go Reds!



  1. I've yet to get my post up for this day 3 challenge, but mine will revolve around a card from 1991 Topps.

  2. I've never been a set collector, so I can't truly answer this prompt. However, '87 Topps rained upon me like drops from heaven when I first decided to collect cards. By that, I mean my grandfather bought a bunch from the local shop for me. Thus, the cards will always have a soft spot in my heart.

  3. I never tried to collect sets as a kid, but re-entered the Hobby in '91; the first set I tried (and succeeded) in putting together: 91 Ultra.