Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Post #17 - More More MORE!

I've been off for a few days, so I've got plenty of content to post today, including a couple of Database trades, more from Julie's box, and even another installment of the 30 Day Baseball Card Challenge!

To start with, I pulled off two trades over the Database recently; one last week and one that I received yesterday.  First up is a deal from last week with member P_dawg68.  I tossed him a Cooperstown Al Lopez and an Asdrubal Cabrera parallel in exchange for these two cards:

2016 Topps Bunt #72; 1987 Topps #344
The Bunt marked my first such card in the Posey player collection.  It's not terrible; I'm honestly not even sure what the set is.  Is it geared towards kids? Is it supposed to be some smartphone app? The app sounds right to me, but I have no idea.  Any information would be appreciated; feel free to leave me a comment.  The Mojsiejenko is yet another Ralf card that I'm almost positive I have somewhere. I'm sure when I get home next week I'll find out that I've got three copies of this card, but I'll worry about that then.  Thanks a bunch Phil!  Mojsiejenko card count: 8/24 (33%).

Next up is a trade that is just wrapping up with TCDB member minibbcards.  I sent some mini cards his way in return for these four cards that were in my mailbox last night.

Clockwise from top left: 2004 Topps Cracker Jack #111, 2004 MLB Showdown Pennant Run #82, 2016 Topps Opening Day #183a, 2011 Topps Allen & Ginter #265
A new Shawn Green is always welcome, and a new Matt Mantei means one less I have to chase towards my soft goal of completing his PC by the end of 2018.  Two more Posey's are always nice, but I really should start thinking about this more; I'm getting to the point in my wantlists that I'm realizing parallels and memorabilia/autograph cards make up the bulk of Posey's out there, and base cards are dwindling quick.  Regardless, two more will fit the binder nicely.  Thanks Bill!

On now to some of Julie's stuff.  This next installment of cards from her box will look at the newer Panini Diamond Kings cards.  These are the first cards that I've acquired from any DK set since, oh, I don't know, 1991 (not that I acquired those then; that was just the set year).  There were a total of 75 Diamond King cards in the box, mostly from 2016.  Rather than annoy everyone with all 75 cards, I'll post the ones that I really found notable.

Rogers Hornsby and George Kelly are two pretty good names to start things off with.  I really like seeing cards of players this old in base sets like this.  The coloration of the pictures in this set make it hard to tell at a glance what's old and and what's modern, so they mesh well in my eyes.

Some rookie card that were notable to me.  Miguel Sano is in the news from the Twins-Tigers brawl last week.  Jose Peraza is shown here as a Dodger but he's tearing it up splitting time with Scooter Gennett at second base for the Reds.  Carl Edwards Jr. recorded the final out of Game 7 of the World Series for the Cubs; imagine being in that situation! Max Kepler is an outfielder on one of my fantasy teams and I'm pleased with how he's played so far.  Maybe that could be an offshoot collection; a binder with a current year card of my fantasy team players...okay, back on track.  Michael Conforto is one of the most exciting young players to watch in the game today, in my opinion.  I was really hoping he'd end up in Cincinnati last summer in the Jay Bruce trade but alas...

The final three photos depict the rest of the inserts that I pulled, in addition to two 2015 Panini Diamond Kings.  It's nice to see this set and name come back, albeit the lack of logos does, well, just suck.  But one thing at a time.  This is a set I could definitely see myself collecting more of.  As always, thanks Julie! I can't wait to go back through and see what else I can share with everyone.

Finally, it's time for another installment of Tony L.'s 30 Day Baseball Card Challenge.  I realize that when I post about this I may sound like I feel that it's a chore, but I actually really enjoy this challenge.  I just wish I did a better job of staying on top of it, but hey, you can't win them all.  Anyway, today's topic is one of your favorite cards from the 1950s.  Huh.  Well then.  Seeing as I was born in 1994...and I don't have any cards that old...I guess I'll have to go with the cliche card that everyone wants...

You know, the 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle card.  The one that is graded 6 and going for $130,000 on eBay right  now.  Yeah, that one.  Love the card, love the player, hate the price, but I get it.  

That will do it for me today.  I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their Tuesday.  If there are any other students out there grinding away at papers and stuff into finals week, well...good luck.  I'll see you on the other side.  Thanks for reading!


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