Friday, March 24, 2017

Post #6 - Generosity All Around

One thing that has stood out to me since I started reading everyone's blogs (a couple of months ago) is the generosity of the online blogging community and trading partners.  Time and time again I hear of envelopes turning up in one's mailbox unexpectedly or a trade partner going above and beyond.  For me personally, I try and do that every time I trade, and this is really due to one deal that happened in particular which I will recount here, although there has been another recent happening that just reinforces this.

Back in February, I proposed a small trade to TCDB user Robert.  I had just started trading and was having fun sending two or maybe three cards in a PWE, although I'm sure many trade partners would rather send more cards back and forth in a single blow.  Robert, however, happily accepted my trade.  Side note; he actually mixed up a package to myself and to one other trader.  Luckily we were both in Michigan and were quickly able to both repackage the items and send them to each other correctly, no harm done.  When I finally received Robert's package this past weekend, there was plenty more than the Shawn Green and two Matt Mantei's that I had requested.

Six Shawn Green cards off of my wantlist, three Matt Mantei cards, and a 2001 Topps Kory DeHaan that was on there simply so I could send it off for a TTM request this spring (he's a manager in rookie ball for Pittsburgh).  Talk about above and beyond; Robert not only held his end of the bargain, but sent me every other card that matched up on my wantlist and his tradelist.  This was incredibly generous, and I immediately searched his tradelist to see if there was anything that I could send him beyond the three cards he asked for.  I came up with one 2010 Topps insert that he needed and shipped it off to him, but I'll be checking his wantlist again and again to see if there's any way to properly repay him.

Meanwhile, I recently contact P-Town Tom over at Eamus Catuli! with some 2017 Topps Cubs cards.  Hopefully those have found his mailbox.  Tom graciously offered to send me some cards for my player collections, as he was heading to his LCS that weekend.  Quite frankly, Tom didn't have to do anything for those cards; I just wanted them to go to a good home (sounds like I'm giving away a puppy instead of pieces of cardboard).  However, not only did Tom go out of his way to send me some cards in return, he chose quite well, if I do say so myself.

Tom, thanks for the trade - I hope those 2017 Cubs find a nice spot in a binder!

Finally today, I'll wrap up with a single card that wasn't a trade at all, but a purchase of sorts.  I sometimes frequent the Sportscard Forums (SCF), and recently picked up enough reward points to do a little shopping.  I snagged the Shawn Green below to add it to my player collection for a measly 50 RP and free shipping, so I was pretty pleased.  I guess we can call this one generosity to myself!

1995 Score #304
That'll do it for me tonight.  Once again, thanks to all the bloggers and traders out there who are a little more than fair.  It's nice to see people in this world who still go above and beyond to be good people, and I hope that my principles remain the same as yours.  Thanks for reading, and have a blessed weekend!



  1. Truth. Always felt like I was getting the better half of a trade. Great guys in The Hobby. Peace.

  2. Its funny you mention about the trade mixup.. I just had that with two packages I sent out through the Database.. Both of them have been kind enough to forward the parcel to the proper person, but I felt horrible when I first found out the mistake..

    Anyway, yes there are a number of great people out there. Writing about a package I got today from one lol

  3. This is a great hobby. The people in it are generally top notch and generous. I know I probably have at least two packages waiting for my once-weekly post office check from other bloggers, but I have been on the end of the random kindness packages many times. I wish I could reciprocate, but very few other bloggers collect the NBA.

  4. i've incorrectly labeled a package or two in the trading process. i find myself in a hurry much too often, esp this past year. I haven't had the time to trade but plan to do so this summer. Have a great baseball season!