Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Post #4 - TTM Haul Part I

Well not to toot my own horn or anything, but I was right - that mail haul waiting for me back home was quite a healthy stack.  I'm not feeling the greatest and have a ton of homework, so this is going to be a brief post.  I'll showcase five of the new autographed cards I got for my collection; all non-baseball.

1990-91 Topps card #51
Randy Carlyle is now the head coach of the Anaheim Ducks; one of my first orders of business in slimming down my hockey collection is to take up to three cards of any player and send them off TTM if possible.  Any cards not sent TTM are added to the trade pile.  Carlyle and the photo below are the first two successful examples of this method working for me.  Carlyle returned this card in just over a month via the Ducks.

1995-96 Upper Deck Collector's Choice, 2006-07 Victory, 2006-07 Upper Deck Power Play
Rod Brind'Amour is an assistant coach with the Carolina Hurricanes and returned all three of these in about a month and a half through the team address.  The cards were stuck back to front in the SASE, so the Power Play signature is a little faded and bubbled  With that being said, it is available for trade if anyone is interested.

1990 Score #418
Cedric Jones was never a superstar for New England (to the best of my knowledge) but I ended up with a ton of his cards from when I was a Patriots fan and collected them left and right.  He was nice enough to sign these two cards for my dad and myself in about a week via the New York Athletic Club.

1989 Pro Set #255, 1990 Score #338, 1989 Pro Set #255
Stanley Morgan is in an identical boat with Cedric Jones.  Of the 50 or so Morgan cards I have in a New England uniform, I sent him these three expecting a long wait (the average was around 8 months for his return).  Although the picture is rough, he personalized two for me and one for my dad again.  The best part? He took just over a month for a 3/3 success!

1998 Press Pass Autographs #14
This one was not a TTM request, but still a TTM success! Colbey over at Cardboard Collections was doing a collection purge a few weeks back, and I requested and was granted a lot of two cards; this Wistrom shown above, which is a new signature for my collection, and a Brandon Jacobs memorabilia card that I didn't photograph before giving to my dad for his personal collection.  Starting to see a recurring theme with my dad and I? He got me started collecting and I still try to engage in the hobby with him whenever possible.  Thanks for the cards Colbey!

Tomorrow I'm going to try and post the rest of my autograph haul from the last month or so, as well as get to the post office.  Bru and ShoTime at TCDB, you both have packages coming soon! Bru, yours will be two envelopes so be on the lookout for those! Everyone has a blessed evening.


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