Friday, March 17, 2017

Post #3 - First TCDB Trades

So much for posting daily.  That went out the window the next day - and the day after! I forgot that we were playing down in St. Louis in a conference double header on Wednesday (actually Sauget, Illinois at GCS Ballpark; not a bad place for an NAIA ballgame, eh?) and I was so behind on homework on Thursday that I just didn't have time.  I see what some of you mean now about time management and blogging! Enough excuses - let's get on to the content today.  I'm going to focus on my first two trades on the Trading Card Database.  Now, I'm sure all readers are already familiar with TCDB, but if you're not, you need to go check it out.  Seriously the most comprehensive card collecting site I've ever seen, and the folks there are beyond spectacular.

Trade 1

I swapped a couple of duplicate Derek Jeter's that I had over to Jay in exchange for three Matt Mantei cards that I needed.  All three cards are from MLB Showdown sets; 2000, 2001, and 2003.  I never played MLB Showdown, but I did have the NFL version of the game from 2004? Maybe 2005, or even 2006.  I have no idea.  Kinda cool.  Those cards had a barcode on the side that got swiped through a scanner if I remember right, and then the scanner displayed the result of the play.  Anyway, the three Mantei's are shown below.  These are definitely cards that I would have never found myself.

2000 MLB Showdown 1st Edition #26
2001 MLB Showdown 1st Edition #24

2003 MLB Showdown Trading Deadline #13

Trade 2

My second trade came just under a week later with another TCDB user.  I tossed him another Jeter duplicate and a Rod Brind'Amour Collector's Choice card in exchange for two future TTM requests.  As I said in my first post, Barbaro Garbey is a coach with the Danville Braves.  He saw time at both corner infield spots, the outfield, and DH in his career.  He played from 1984-1988 with the Tigers and Rangers, winning the 1984 World Series with Detroit.  This 1986 card will be going out right after the minor league season begins.

1986 Topps #609
The second card featured the current pitching coach for the Danville Braves, Kanekoa Texeira.  Texeira, Shane Victorino's cousin (seriously), pitched in the minors for several MLB clubs but only reached the show with Seattle and Kansas City.  He also spent some time pitching independent ball.  This 2010 Topps will be in the mail the same day as Garbey's request.

2010 Topps #457

That's all I've got tonight; it's already 8:30 Central Time and I'm exhausted.  Don't expect to hear from me for the next two days.  Another double header (home this time) starts at noon tomorrow, and I'm jumping in the car and heading back to Michigan immediately afterwards.  I'll be off the grid on Sunday as well, helping work a poker game/auction fundraiser for the legion baseball team I coach (shameless self-promotion here).  The good news is that I'll have a large stack of mail to open up and share with everyone next week.  Have a great night and a wonderful, relaxing weekend!


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