Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Post #2 - My First COMC Purchase

I've decided that I'm going to try using this blog daily in an effort to stay committed to it.  Plus, I really enjoy it so far; I spent two hours last night tinkering with my tabs and wantlists, etc.  I think I have enough material to get some quality posts in for a bit, not to mention that if I can get home Sunday like I plan I should have plenty of ammo for days to come.

Today, I'm going to focus on my first COMC purchase ever, which came near the end of January.  I had some Amazon gift cards left from the holidays totaling about $20, and I went browsing.  I've never bought single cards off of Amazon, but when I saw that there was one Jeff Peterek that I needed for cheap through COMC...and then another...and then another...I bought six.  Whoops.  The total with shipping came out to be $19.19, so I didn't spend a dime out of pocket.

1986 ProCards Stockton Ports #20, 1987 ProCards #1570, 1988 Best El Paso Diablos #21
The 1986 card is from the Stockton Ports team set of that year.  The reverse tells us that Peterek played for the Beloit Brewers (Midwest League) in 1985, but he isn't featured in the team set from that year.  The middle card is from the ProCards 1987 set which featured a grand total of 2812 cards (!).  The 1988 Best El Paso Diablos card is also team issued.  According to TCDB there is a Platinum version out there as well, but I've never seen a Best Platinum from 1988, let alone of Peterek.  If anyone knows more please let me know.

1989 CMC Denver Zephyrs #8, 1989 ProCards #46, 1994 Miller Brewing Milwaukee Brewers NNO
The 1989 CMC is another team issued card, and the first card of Peterek with Denver; in all he's featured in a Zephyrs uniform six times in 16 cards.  The 1989 ProCards is from another monster ProCards set totaling 2188 cards.  Finally, the Miller Brewing Milwaukee Brewers set was released in 1994 and featured 374 cards of players in Milwaukee baseball history.  These cards appear to have come in sheets, as you can see the perforation marks on the top and right of the Peterek card.  I don't know anything else about this set.  If anyone does, feel free to share in the comments!

Whew - I thought getting a blog would make me feel better about my ramblings, but I guess not.  I promise I'll try not to make every post so long, both for my sake and yours! One last thing - Jon over at A Penny Sleeve for your Thoughts is running a great COMC contest, so hop to it! Have a great Tuesday!



  1. I've got the 90 Fleer for you somewhere.

    1. Looked at your TCDB wantlist/tradelist. I think we could work out a pretty good deal at some point!

  2. Those El Paso Diablos cards are sharp!

    1. I was always a fan of those El Paso uniforms; the color, the wording, and the pinstripes are a classic combo.

  3. Daily! That's tough, at least for me. Every other day is what I shoot for but sometimes I go for a week without posting. I am hoping to compose another post tonight but it depends on how much I can get scanned.

    Interesting jersey design on the Toros.